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I am a 29 year old guy from CA, serious gamer, and I have been a dedicated Destiny player since the beta. None of my IRL friends play Destiny so it was a long road to finding friends in game, but I eventually got into a clan. Well, after The Dark Below the clan fizzled out, and then when I switched to the Xbox One I had to start from scratch friends wise all over again. As of now I have a few friends that I play with but more often than not I am cruising LFG sites, and I am just extremely burnt out and frustrated by that experience. I play Destiny daily and consider myself to be a really good player. I'm no Pro or YouTuber, but I can hold my own in any of Destiny's challenges. From Trials to Raids I love this game, it is my hobby and source of satisfying competition, and I listen to podcasts and cruise Planet Destiny as often as I can to learn and always get better. BUT, most of all, I am in it to win it! It has gotten SO FRUSTRATING for me to get in games with mediocre players who aren't on the same level as me and bang our heads against a wall. I desperately want to join a solid clan and find other great players whom I can play with regularly, get to know, and become friends with. I want to regularly tackle the challenges in Destiny without wiping for an hour with a clueless team and then having to bounce from LFG group to LFG group looking for other capable players. I'm hungry to be part of a tight knit team who knows what they are doing, researches, forms strategies, makes callouts, etc. I want to have fun, but I also want to get serious at times and figure out how to beat the crap out of the raid boss even though it might be the first day of the raid and there isn't a guide online yet! I want to play with other players my age and maturity, not kids who can't stop goofing around and acting like kids (no offense to kids, I was one too, I'm just not a kid anymore). I want to complete things first and walk around the tower with the gear nobody else has yet, because I KNOW I AM GOOD ENOUGH AND I NEED TO PLAY WITH OTHERS WHO ARE TOO!!! Sorry for the rant, but I am burnt out, hungry for consistent success and need to make a change. I tried The 100 but got nowhere, and I am not sure what to do next. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for me please let me know. If there is a clan that sounds like what I described and would like me to join it would be my great pleasure. If there are other like minded people who would like to form a clan and shoot for what I have described I am down for that too. I am from CA, so PST, and I play weekday evenings until late night and during weekends. My Xbox One GT: MrChuckNader

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-MrChuckNader :-)