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Hey there! This Xbox 360 clan, Apocalyptic Carnage, is a casual clan for players that hope to progress in their travels and experience as guardians. In this clan, enjoying the journey is more important than competing for first. Whether you're worried, shy, antisocial, or busy, this clan isn't for judging others, but for enjoying your voyage with teammates by your side no matter how skilled you are.
Be yourself, quirks and all.

We complete any raid, mission, etc. This group serves as a support system, full of valuable knowledge and respectful members willing to help other teammates.

This clan prefers 16+.
A mic and expansions are optional.
You must either 1. Enjoy Destiny or 2. Be a serial killer.

Feel free to message PsychoSpurious if you have any questions or concerns!

Come check us out and happy hunting!