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I've been playing since launch, have a fun time job and a kid on the way so time isn't as plentiful as it once was, but I would like a group to do nightfalls/raids/strikes/pvp/etc with. Vargyr is my gamer tag.

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We aim to help all in need of any request.
We have experience players and new. If your new or a vet to destiny this is the clan. If you wanna guide or be guided. join up. Join the cause help the problem.
We help out on


Honour amongst light

UK time zone.


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Unrivaled Gaming [uG] is now recruiting new members to join our family!

We are a PS4 and X1 clan, based around our core fundamentals of trust, loyalty, hard work, and sportsmanship. uG was founded not only to compete with the best clans around, but rather strive for excellence to be the very best PS4/X1 team on the network.

uG was created to promote a clean environment to compete in competitive play and public matches. We hold our members to a higher standard when it comes to maturity level, as it is not just any other clan. Our goal is simple; to win every battle we participate in and to win with honor and dignity, all the time, every time. This simple goal has ensured our dominance in this fast paced gaming world.

uG is more then a clan, we are a family.

We are currently looking for more like minded gamers that need a place to call home. If you are a skilled veteran or new to the game, we have a place for you! Come to and check us out, if you feel that we will be a good fit then fill out an application.

We currently support and actively play Destiny, CoD, and Smite. uG will be opening a RB6 division as soon as the game releases.

Thank you for looking and we will see you on the battlefield!

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Hello!! My name is Ba2210 and Dissension Gaming is now recruiting! We're not like other clans, we encourage a fun, organized friendly community, forum based, game nights, tourneys, friendly atmosphere, always someone to team up with but we break our community into Battalions (by game: Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty, BF4) so that you're not 'lost in the crowd' but you can party up with any DGC members! You'll need a mic and daily access to the forums in order to join.

We offer the following for members:
Graphics Team, Podcast Team, Event Team, Competition Teams, , and others!

We always rank in the Top 3 Clans of

So if you are interested in being part of this GREAT COMMUNITY come join us.

How to join Dissension Gaming?

1) Visit website: Dissension Gaming (
2) Create account for Forums (Put ba2210 as referrer)
3) Read this thread: Apply to Join Here
4) Follow format requested above, and apply to join the console and game battalions of your choice.
5) Wait for it to accept your application, and give you further instructions on how to get in the group, and onto the Brigade list.
6) Start posting around the forums, getting to know people (add them on xbox), and start gaming!

Let Know if you have any questions