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Every bad connection in competitive multiplayer should have weaker stat boost not the god boost... It's getting so annoying and i stop playing COD for this reason... I have an idea for people with bad connection in competitive multiplayer mode should have a timer to wipe in 30 sec to a minute, get them out of the game asap!!!! or implant a auto detection function to lower their status to one shot kill. means if gamer shoot the gamer with bad connection that gamer with bad connection should die! not win.. are Lagswitch still being used? Sorry just ranting a bit there' no crime in honest gaming..
Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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Cagomoc said:]

We are NOT Bungie, Bungie are at Moan at them there and realize that nothing can be done about people with poor connections.

I have no idea how you confused us with the official Bungie website when their website is advertised in game.