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I was expecting this to come next Armsday, but I guess I was wrong....

Anyway, If you did everything from day 1 (DVALIN fusion rifles, Codes, and the speedrun) then Banshee-44 in the Tower will have the next part in the (kinda) Grand quest to obtain the Sleeper Simulant.

This part of the quest is quite simple, as it's only one step, You must complete a light level 280 version of the Fallen S.A.B.E.R Strike. (this does have matchmaking) After completion, you will be awarded the frame of the Simulant, upon bringing this to Banshee, you will have your very own 290 attack Sleeper Simulant!

Is it worth the time put into it? I'm mixed about it. This was the fabled replacement to Gjallarhorn, and sure to does a ton of damage, and can deal precision damage, but it doesn't benefit from any fusion rifle based armor perks, and the max ammo will always be 7, abysmal... but i digress, It's a new weapon type, enjoy it, Guardians!

3.4 Strange Coins out of 5