Destiny 2 Tracker Network

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Hello there! I am Nafardin and I would like to thank you for reading this post. Now for the good part.

We are “On Our Six” and we are an Xbox One Clan.

Are you new to Destiny?
Have you been playing for a while and need a group to play with and call your own?
Are you a veteran guardian from the days of launch and triumphant victor of year one?
Or, are you just looking for a fun place to show off your skills and call home?
Whether you’re a new guardian, old guardian or no guardian, we are a community that is here to embrace you and help fulfill your goals in destiny. Long strolls in the cosmodrome, don’t walk alone. Have a battle buddy. Raiding and showing the darkness that the light will not fall, why not have more light to counter. Whether you’re interested in PvE, PvP or RPG, we want to be there with you. We are “On Our Six”. We’re waiting on your go guardian.

As far as requirements, we ask that all guardians be 18+ years of age just because adult conversations are had in our party and fireteam chats. Let’s be real, for those of us who PvP, our shotguns are usually more broken than our opponents and sometimes a good ole vulgar term slips the lips. Not all words or conversations are meant for fragile or innocent ears. Any questions feel free to reach out to myself or Nafardin and we can help get those answered.

Group Page is “On Our Six”
You can join and set as your xbox one clan for a pending invite and we can get the ball rolling.