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We are a collective group of PVE players who clear heroic strikes under 10 minutes a run and the raid under 1hr 30 minutes. We are PVE experts who are 305+ light players myself having a 308 and 2 307 toons. We Dont just play we laugh and make friends while we do it. We have 3 requirements 1.No raging or disrespect. 2. Be Active. 3. Be raid ready and hardmode ready. We figured out we could do it better and that we could have fun while we did it. Come join a winning team that puts value in its members. Tired of your clan? Maybe your group isnt where you are skill wise? Cant stand the elitest attitude and disrespect? Come join a TEAM not a CLAN. We have tryouts starting Tonight! for our TEAM players! First run up to a "10 minute strike" with us. Second have at the minumum 1 character that you are ready to dedicate to 1 of our 2 raid teams. Raid Dates and times haven't been decided because we value everyones schedule. Message either Cage_357 OR Malagos1245 for the opportunity to join a small community of only 25 members. See you soon guardians!