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Looking for a group of people in need of a person for there raid team, currently my max light is 309 and am ready to get my feet wet in HM tomorrow. I have plenty of normal KF experience and also lots of experience in year one with Skolas, HM Crota and VoG. I have many completions. This game currently consumes a lot of my time so looking for people who are on a bit more. My in game tag is zzRemix, send me a message if you are interested. Thanks for your time.

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Hi, I'm Mitch we just set this community up check it out below.

A UK and Europe based Destiny community allowing guardians to arrange Raids etc. with other members.
We want to make a community that is helpful to members both new and old, Destiny is expanding and changing and we feel that we as a group need to do the same.

Have friends that are new to destiny? invite them in, we do not want this to be a "try hard" group or an "elitist" group. We are a group that helps each other regardless of experience or level.

Its not a job, its a game.....have fun.

Note: Inactive or unhelpful players may be kicked from the group. This is a decision that will be made by the admins but only as a last resort. Abuse will not be tolerated in any form. Banter is fine and encouraged!

Any interest send me a pm or click the link below to join.


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Rapture Walkers is a brand new clan that is looking for players from Oklahoma, USA to fill its ranks! We are whoop thrashin', football watchin', coffee drinkin', Competition Smashin', Destiny playin' Oklahomans.

*Lives in Oklahoma or a fan.
*Light Level at least 220
*Level 40
*We really your primary character to be a warlock or titan!
*Must be willing to be a part of or switch to Dead Orbit Alliance!

Priority will be extended to Warlocks, Titans, and Oklahomans if their light level is lower than 220 or level 40.

The Rapture Walkers, Traversing the Impossible!

Add: VacantConquest93