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Hey all -

I'm currently looking to stop running with pugs and get to running with more of a set group. I have a 310 Touch of Malice and a 316 Black Spindle. I have as of the first week, fully cleared HM King's Fall on each character.

I have 3 characters:

312 Warlock
311 Hunter
310 Titan

My availability is the following:

Sunday: All day
Monday: 7pm PST - 2am PST
Tuesday: 7pm PST - 2am PST
Wednesday: 7pm PST - 2am PST
Thursday: 7pm PST - 2am PST
Friday: 7pm PST - 3am PST
Saturday: All day

I have a microphone as well.

Add me @ my PSN: Escuire or message me if your clan is recruiting!

Thanks ---


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Hey I got 2 with me maybe we can work something out? We progression raided hardmode VoG when it was current, and we took a break for house of wolves. Now we are just lookin to raid with a consistant group again, 311 hunter, 309 warlock. We are experienced through and up to Oryx (Hardmode). Add me on psn if you guys are interested, PSN : Arob1337

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Rapture Walkers is a brand new clan that is looking for players from Oklahoma, USA to fill its ranks! We are whoop thrashin', football watchin', coffee drinkin', Competition Smashin', Destiny playin' Oklahomans.

*Lives in Oklahoma or a fan.
*Light Level at least 220
*Level 40
*We really your primary character to be a warlock or titan!
*Must be willing to be a part of or switch to Dead Orbit Alliance!

Priority will be extended to Warlocks, Titans, and Oklahomans if their light level is lower than 220 or level 40.

The Rapture Walkers, Traversing the Impossible!

Add: VacantConquest93