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SunBreaker is NOT an ideal subclass to run in this week's Trials of Osiris event, or maybe ever. Why? Because it can be ran away from, easily countered, or even suppressed by a Defender Supression Grenade or Nightstalker Bow . The ideal subclass to run on a Titan is the Striker subclass. Why? Because it can counter anything, even a Sunbreaker! Of course, it will also depend on the armor stats of the opponents. Nonetheless, Striker Titan with Death From Above will provide you with the best chances against supers or even wiping out 2+ opponents.
Rememebr Lighitng Grenades? YEAH, I KNOW!

Hunter Gunslinger? ArcBlade? FIST OF HAVOC
Warlock Sunsinger? StormCaller? FIST OF HAVOC (plausible for SC) xD
Titan Defender? SunBreaker? FIST OF HAVOC

But yeah drop those hammers, I know they're cool and all, totally useful in big game modes and even PvE, but for Trials rock the OG Striker!