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Hey, I'm mike and I'm looking for a clan to pve/pvp I have a lot of raid experience in other games so I'm familiar with tactics and I learn very quickly... I'm very patient and just looking for a group to chill with and explore the game with :)

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Hey Fetfet,

As a mentor for the PS4-Destiny sector of DOM, it sounds like you would be a great fit for our clan. PVE wise we have a group that runs multiple clears on Tuesday nights trying to get their alts through HM, outside of HM we have a few groups that run normal throughout the week to try to help teach new guardians the raid and help bring up others Light level (alts included of course). We have a competitive raid leader who has been pushing me to keep an eye open for raiders who want to push challenge modes when they come out - So if/when you join I will be sure to get you hooked up with him if your interested into that.

PVP wise, we do have a few members that are PVP only players, but always want more to play with them (constantly find myself being dragged by the ankles to do Trials with them) but they are all extremely chill and just aim to have fun. (Normally is, but don't tell them I said that...)

Well, I'll throw my guild spam in following the break - Hopefully your interested!!

Visit us at: to check us out and apply for membership.

Hope to see your application there. Do note the clan site is partially down as Bo3 did just drop and the admins all wanted a break to play full out with no forum worries - But you are still able to drop applications, just won't be accepted till monday. (We are a Sponsored Bo3 clan, but have a Sectors dedicated to Destiny, Battlefield and Counter Strike Global offense).