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Fenrir’s Apostates is here to foster a multi-objective community where all of a player’s Destiny needs will be met. It is here where we have a convergence of all player types that are willing to coexist and play with each other. Whether you are casual, competitive, completionist, elite, or just plain regular, you can find a place amongst us. To communicate and coordinate our game time we actively use a communication app known as “Slack”. This app is available for use on both PC and can be downloaded in App stores for cellphones.
All clan members are expected to behave themselves. While rough play will be permitted, full blown harassment will not be tolerated.

Age restrictions are set at 14 years of age. There will be no exceptions, if there were, it wouldn’t be a restriction.
Slack is a requirement. This is where all communication comes from. If you don’t have a smartphone you can access it via PC as well.
There is a 30 day activity period. If you are not heard from within 30 days you will be removed from the clan. There will be a 5 day grace period where you will be given a notification of impending removal. If there is an excuse for your absence, obviously you will be exempt from this ruling.
Representation of the clan is required. If you are In the Fenrirs Apostates you will be required to wear the clan tag.
A mic is required to participate.

Complaints and Feedback:
Any complaints, suggestions, etc. May be brought to the attention of the active clan moderators:

l DayQuil l
Senpai Blue

Fenrirs Apostates is primarily founded by another clan “The Spear of Odin” the members of this clan have been extremely helpful to the FA and actively seek members for LFG purposes as well as build friendships. The Spear of Odin is a closed clan that purely seeks to compete in world first objectives as well as building a Destiny based gaming network. They act as the big brother figure to the clan offering experience and aid. There is a chance to being promoted into the Spear if you meet their requirements.