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GODSxBEWARE is a clan that believes in making the most out of the game and the players time while they play. It doesn't matter if your a hardcore gamer or if your a more conservative gamer. I'm NUCLEARxTRINITY I have two kids and a full time job so play as and when I can this group is open to all but please be friendly, patient because we are not all pro gamers and along the way you may make some great friends in this destiny adventure.

- Complete Weekly Nightfalls/ Heroic strikes/Raids

- Breeze through dailies and ROC Strikes

- also take part in the Iron Banner and the crucible

Message, "NUCLEARxTRINITY " if interested in joining the GODSxBEWARE!! Or visit the clan/ group page "GODSxBEWARE" and click join the group is open to all but the clan you have to request to join.