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Update 2.0.2 and Iron Banner Clash

Big day! Update 2.0.2 just went live, and Iron Banner is here to celebrate. Let’s dive in!

Patch 2.0.2 Highlights

Here are the important changes that dropped this afternoon. (Full patch notes on

  • Weapons Parts are sold at the Gunsmith! 250 Glimmer for 5WP
  • Quiver has been reenabled for Nightstalkers
  • Crucible drop rate for Legendary Items was increased
  • Asylum added to Skirmish; Heavy Ammo crates moved
  • The Fallen S.A.B.E.R. cheese (going under the map) was fixed
  • Quests/Bounties that required Crucible wins now only need completions
    • Several changes made to Shaxx’s weekly bounties; generally made easier
  • You can buy all three Legendary Swords (from Shaxx) once you’ve earned an Exotic one

Iron Banner Clash New!

Runs from: Tuesday, Nov. 17 through Nov. 23
Gametype: Clash (not Control!)

There a few changes from the last Iron Banner! Rewards are better across the board:

  • Iron Banner rep. from wins increased by 20%
  • Activity completion rewards increased at all ranks; significant increase at Rank 2 & above
  • Receive packages from Lord Saladin at Rank 3 & 5
    • IB Artifacts can be obtained from the Rank 3 package
    • IB Ghost Shells can be obtained from the Rank 5 package
      • Can drop at Rank 5 as a completion reward, too

And what about this week’s gear up for grabs?

Iron Banner Rewards

Weapons 2x – Hand Cannon & Machine Gun
Finnala’s Peril – Hand Cannon (High Impact). Good Range, okay Mag, low Stability.
Relentless Tracker: Kills grant enhanced tracker resolution for a short time.
Third Eye: Radar is visible while aiming.

Bretomart’s Stand – Solar Machine Gun (High Impact). Poor Range (15), low Mag (35).
Spray and Play: Increased Reload Speed when mag is empty.
Crowd Control: Kills grant bonus damage for a short time.

Armor 6x – Chest & Gloves! (280 DEF)
Iron Companion Vest (45/65 INT, 49/69 DIS) – Hand Cannon or Shotgun Ammo; Solar Recovery or Solar Armor
Iron Companion Sleeves (30/43 INT, 32/45 DIS) – Fastball or Impact Induction; Hand Cannon Loader

Iron Companion Plate (41/61 INT, 46/66 DIS) – Auto Rifle or Shotgun Ammo; Void Recovery or Void Armor
Iron Companion Gauntlets (28/41 DIS, 30/43 STR) – Rain Blows or Momentum Transfer; Sidearm Loader

Iron Companion Vestments (48/68 INT, 42/62 DIS) – Auto Rifle or Sniper Rifle Ammo; Arc Recovery or Arc Armor
Iron Companion Gloves (32/45 INT, 28/41 DIS) – Snap Discharge or Momentum Transfer; Pulse Rifle Loader


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Meh, not thrilled with Clash in IB. Control needs to come back. Or at least have two different playlists

IB Control & IB Clash


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Hey it's /u/ShdwFlm haha