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There are some big fans of Destiny out there.

Some would even call themselves Destiny's biggest fan.

But none are as BIG as the WWE's very own Big Show

He tweeted to reveal an impressive pack which included the special Destiny edition PlayStation 4 to celebrate The Taken King as well as the game itself and some cans of Red Bull, all provided by Bungie.

This is of course a good way of advertising the game and the current deal with Red Bull. Many were a little skeptical however that The Big Show would have time to play given his busy schedule. He hit back at his doubters with a tweet about his stats...

Seems the big man plays a mean game after all and as a gamer it must have been a nice surprise to receive such a gift package. Being a WWE superstar has its perks it seems.

How would you feel if Bungie had sent you the same package? Reply and let us know.

The Traveler
The Traveler

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Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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This is nothing but a publicity stunt. Activision have been paying celebrities to promote Destiny since it was announced.

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Oh yeah sure, let's give someone who is a millionaire a video game bundle and say it's a good thing. This is one thing I get tired of seeing and hardly news in my opinion.

Now, if Bungie gave this to a cancer patient, or a normal run of the mill fan, that would be something else entirely. But a wrestling star? come on.

Now if I were to get it, I would be pretty grateful that they decided to give the average gamer such an awesome gift, instead of some celeb who could have easily bought it themselves a million times over.