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Hello to anyone that is interested, My clan is open to anyone that needs extra players, while we only have 3 members, i would very much like to expand. Both me and my 2nd clanmate are over 300 light. I am better at pve, while he is pvp oriented. We would like to have access to a large quantity of extra players, willing to raid, or do the trials, and always have someone on hand ready and waiting for an invite. Our goal is to create a perfectly balanced raid team, and crucible team. While we still haven't done the hard raid, we are both grinding for better gear. We both speak english fluently, for most of us that is a big help for raids and trials. So if you're interested or have any questions, my psn is babashki12, and my clan name is Rangers Of The Vanguard (Inspired by LoTR, not army rangers, just fyi). Thank you.