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Im trying to find a clan to just play any part of destiny. id like to do kingsfall more than just the one time ive completed it. Im down for all of it. Nightfalls, heroics, iron banner, trials, or regular crucible. Im not the best in pvp but ill never bail on you.

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ICE Gaming is recruiting for Destiny. We play any mode, ranging from PvE to PvP. We're a gaming community were we try to make the gaming atmosphere enjoyable for everyone. Not only do we include Destiny, we include Halo, CoD, GTA 5, and Battlefield. Come check us out and become a member of the ICE Gaming community!

15+ years of age
Mic required
Forum access

How to join:
1. Register at our website and put ICE Dey as referrer:
2. Apply to your desired brigade here
MeS Harliequin
MeS Harliequin

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Look no further;
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