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I'm looking for in-game active players from any region, people who are looking for a little more organized gaming fashion. People who want to assume a role in a community like environment. I'm looking for in-game moderators to help members achieve what they would like to achieve respectively as well as recruit more members to help our community grow. With weekly random giveaway's and prizes for completing challenge provided by the group admin for things you normally do while you play.

However, we aren't just looking for Sherpa's. We want the low level grinders as well. We are here to help you by any means. Whether it means setting up private matches on crucible or getting a group sync on a patrol. We can help you get it done and up to par with the rest of the group.
I am Riekoche - Community Lead of iTsGaming Community. A multi-platform Destiny gaming collective. Originated on the PS3, now expanding across all platforms & regions. We are a healthy community with team-oriented gaming intentions, casual competitive is our mind set. As the group is relatively casual gamers, some of us like to play competitively. But we welcome any level, any skill set, any region of the world to join us.
Avoid the hassle of dealing with trolls & ignoramuses, start playing with friends.