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Liege of Light is recruiting (LOL)

Tired of being told you're too low to raid or having to deal with ridiculous requirements to join fireteams on LFG sites? Look no further we are here to help.

Our alliance offers a recruitment process that provides you with more choices when you join our family of players. We have a mixed group of players from all over the world and we want to expand the player base of folks playing in the North America time zones. The alliance now covers all of Europe and North America you truly will never have to worry about finding someone to Raid/PVP/PVE with again no matter what time you play.

Our alliance is geared to the type of people that have a commitment to the lifecycle of the game. We ask that you be mature and show courtesy and respect to all of your alliance members. We are very active within the Destiny app\ and use it to communicate with all of our alliance members.
Liege of Light is recruiting (LOL) (North American time zones)

I hope to see you on the battlefield.