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Hello All, I have seen many help posts about this, and we've tried to answer them, but there has been some confusion, so here I will try my best to answer.

First off, lets review what went down. When Bungie released SRL, they included the SRL stats as part of your PvP totals. So your kills and deaths were increasing. But other than those few stats, Bungie treated SRL like PvE, and did not track wins. So every game of SRL you played was a loss. Some people complained so I went to Bungie and asked them to remove SRL from PvP for 1 major reason: The kills were not other guardians. You were killing AI.

Bungie agreed and it took a week, but they removed SRL stats from PvP. This means your overall Kills went down. But your games went down too, thusly fixing your Win%.

Site Score

When you updated your stats, we saw that you got -500 kills (example), and your site score went down. Many are saying it went down more than it went up, that is possible, as Site Score punishes bad performance and -500 is bad performance. We regret that you had to experience that. It's not your fault. Bungie should have never put SRL in PvP, and Destiny Tracker should see negative kills is a problem and not punish your Site Score.

We're going to look to improve our formula to prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately, we cannot repair your site score. Because you played other playlists too at the same time, your site score is melded together into one score, and we cannot just repair the SRL damage. We deeply apologize for this, we know you work hard for your Site Score. We have reviewed our data and we just don't see a fair way to do this.

Please don't stop that lovin' feeling.

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