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This clan is fresh, made from scratch. I'm looking to recruit individuals who can remain calm, mesh well with others, and able to go beyond just pulling their weight. PvP is about teamwork so having great communication is crucial in order to succeed. Know how to play not only 3v3s, but 6v6 as well. Eventually when this clan gets enough players, we'll be able to play tournaments against notable streamers and their respective clans. Going flawless in Trials will also be a goal every weekend and you should expect no less. Whenever Iron Banner comes around, teams of 6 will be able to play together so that everyone gets ranked up quickly.

1.2 KD
Year Two Flawless(optional but will greatly help you)
Preferably North America Region

Not only will we be focusing on PvP but also be doing Raids, challenges, nightfalls, and whatever needs to be done for PvE.

Founder Background:
Ja1kenz: 1.55 KD, ARMDAY GAMING tournament experience, Day 1 player

Contact through Destiny Application, PlayStation Network(PSN Name: Ja1kenz), or by making a post here.

If you wanna be part of something great, start here. This is an amazing opportunity for those who are looking to compete in the PvP scene.