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Because we came across a lot of people who are looking for help in raids and trials and so on.
We came with the idea to make a new clan where everybody is welcome to join and play with each other.

We are a multicultural clan , so the main language is English.
It doesnt mather where you are from, you are welcome!!

Sign up if you like and lets play!!

The name of the clan is Soldiers of the Cause and the link to the page is:

If you want to join the clan.There are some things you must know:

1) Play on Xbox One and play Destiny
2) Age must be at least 14 years or older. (exeptions can be made)
3) Your main character must be over lightlevel 300. But have intentions to level up more.
4) Play active and social to others. No rage quitting and calling names.
5) Respect each other!!

To join the group you must join , you must click interact ( below your name on top of the clan page) and click join group.
But you didnt enter the clan just yet!!

If you refresh the page, on the same spot you just came in to the group you will see : set xboxclan.
Press that and you automatically send a message to the admins that a new member wants to join.
A admin will approve you as soon as we see the message that someone joined.

As soon as you are approved you are a full member of Soldiers of the Cause.

See ya there!!