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As title, there's a bug in the Game History stats - the number of kills broken down by weapon/ability don't add up to the total in your summary line.
Or am I missing something?

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After I added up the kills broken down by weapon type/grenade/melee/super I found there was indeed a discrepancy. Example: for one of my characters the total kills was said to be 46352 but after taking the sum of kills in the breakdown list I got 44325, a difference of 2027 kills.
Possible reasons for this "error"
1.) We added up the numbers incorrectly.
2.) We failed to account for a lurking variable such as vehicle kills or killed by the guardians (damaging a player right before they jump off the map; this still awards you points for the kill).
3.)The data set we are examining may not be updated completely.

I tried to address these possibilities by 1.Adding up the numbers multiple times using different programs. 2.This is actually the most likely cause of the "error". 3.I tried refreshing and updating my crucible stats before counting.

Conclusion: There does exist a discrepancy between the two numbers mentioned above, but I could not find what was causing this difference. Although, it seems likely that destiny tracker simply is not including a style of kills (#2).