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Wicked End
Wicked End

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Hi there I'm Wicked End89 and I'm the founder of APEX Gaming on XB1. I'm no stranger to the world of clans, and after the last clan I was apart of fell apart more or less, I felt I needed to take my gaming to the next level, as such I've created APEX to bring both hardcore and casual gamers together to play one of the best games out there, Destiny (although let's be honest, my plan is to host other divisions as well (in the future)).

I'm looking for casual and hardcore players that can work together (at first we might have to group both player types together until we can get some established fire teams going) in completing things from simple story missions to hard raids. I'm also looking for players that might want to take on a larger role right off the bat, as there are many different leadership opportunities available to players who join APEX Gaming.

Now, some things you need to know about us...
- Age 17+ requirement
- As of currently the clan is based out of US CST timezone (as that's where I'm from).
- Apart from our bungie forum, we operate on our own private website: APEX GAMING HQ in which all members are encouraged to join & apply.
- Focus on both hardcore & casual play, for the best of both worlds.
-Bungie forum: (now taking applications here also)
- tracker forum:

If you are interested in helping to get this clan off the ground and do great things with it, your fellow players, and myself, I encourage you to join up and make your mark in the XB1 community, especially here on Destiny. The enemies of the light are out there guardian, will you join us and face the dark?