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It's in the title; looking for a large, active clan that does crucible, Trials, and raids. I've been rather inactive the past couple months so I'm a little rusty but I am getting back into it, sharpening with the daily and such.
Looks like my overall crucible K/D is 1.28 so I got no idea how well that sits with people.
I'd prefer to join a clan in +/- of the +10 UTC time zone area (basically Australia) for easier organisation and better connectivity but can easily make it work with multi nation clans.
I really don't want to join squeaker clans, obviously. I am an adult, would like to speak with adults...
Feel free to post here but easier contacting me though Xbox, name same as my user.
Would be optimal if you use GroupMe app or Facebook or something for fast communication in clan, I only just signed up here so I'm not certain what clan support is available. Bungie website is useless.

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Still looking...

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ICE Gaming is recruiting for Destiny. We play any mode, ranging from PvE to PvP. We're a gaming community were we try to make the gaming atmosphere enjoyable for everyone. Not only do we include Destiny, we include Halo, CoD, GTA 5, and Battlefield. Come check us out and become a member of the ICE Gaming community!

XB1 Console Only

15+ years of age
Mic required
Forum access

How to join:
1. Register at our website and put ICE Dey as referrer:
2. Apply to your desired brigade here