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I am looking for a medium sized competitive PvP clan from EU/UK.

I am 30 and have been playing Destiny for a year now. I have a long history with FPS gaming, most notably Counter-Strike on the PC back in the day. I am not claiming to be the most skilled player around but I can hold my own and I enjoy working as part of a team.

My main focus is PvP (Trials, Iron Banner, Crucible, Sweats) but I also enjoy doing PvE content (speed runs and raid challenges). I have a lot of experience from raid and have till now completed all raid challenges.

I have 3 characters, Hunter, Titan and Warlock, that are all above 317 light level. I pretty much exclusively play on my Hunter currently but will play my Titan and Warlock for extra loot etc.

It is only recently that I have started to enjoy PvP and as such started to focus on becoming a better player . My current KD is 1.11 which I have risen from 0.9 in the last 2 months. My KD is continuing to rise but I am currently playing at about 1.4 KD average.

I have been flawless in Trials for the last 5 weeks in a row. I have been relying on LFG for team mates which has had its both ups and downs. Currently have a 1.3 KD in Trials.

What I want to be part of:
- a clan that recruits based upon skill level
- mainly EU/UK based
- mature people
- active and dedicated clan

What I don't want to be part of:
- a clan that has hundreds of members. I want to know the people I am playing with
- rage quitters, self centered people
- drama

real psn gmang214
real psn gmang214

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im looking to join this clan because im looking for a group of people that play trials and etc im on frequently and most pf the guys i find are kids on tracker and have gone flawess 4 time just looking for a good clan and people that play trials every week