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Im new to the game. I have a 40 hunter 294 light. Im just looking for other people to play with. Im 35 wife kids have a full time job. Gets boring playing by yourself. Would like to raid occasionally. But just work with a team and get some of the hidden and endgame stuff you need groups for.

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ICE Gaming is recruiting for Destiny. We play any mode, ranging from PvE to PvP. We're a gaming community were we try to make the gaming atmosphere enjoyable for everyone. Not only do we include Destiny, we include Halo, CoD, GTA 5, and Battlefield. Come check us out and become a member of the ICE Gaming community!

XB1 Console Only

15+ years of age
Mic required
Forum access

How to join:
1. Register at our website and put ICE Dey as referrer:
2. Apply to your desired brigade here

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Dang it Dey. You keep beating me to everyone! PUT ME AS YOU REFERRER!!