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*We are primarily a clan of Dads, but have sub-clans for non-dads and ladies)

A group of laid back patriotic dads are ready to help you pop the heads off of the minions of darkness now lurking our solar system. We are currently 100+ clan members strong and growing. Our members do a little of everything: Crucible, PVE, Raids, Strikes, and will help you level your character if you find yours lacking. We are Dads and Husbands and we understand the demands of daily life. We understand that if the baby is crying (wife nagging) you might have to quit Crotas end in the middle of the last sword run. Its okay.... We are COOL like that. So if you want a group of laid back guys to patrol the solar sytem with... we are your clan. We have Yankees, Redneck hicks (like myself), and even a few guys from the old country... so no one need feel out of place (except maybe Xbox guys, but you can join too and we will help you link up). So, Join PCoG today; your sex life will improve, your hair thicken, ladies will desire you, children will love you, other men will envy you and even though none of that is true; You will still have a great time.


The Patriarchs Rebels -

The Patriarchs (Original) -

The Patriarchs Yanks -

The Patriarchs Unborn - (Young adults and singles) -

The Matriarchs - (for the ladies) -