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Hi there, Kleptomania at your service.

I'm currently on the hunt for an adult gaming community that has a heavy focus on PvE. I'm always up for some Crucible, but unfortunately I wouldn't say that I'm highly skilled at crucible. I'm not bad, but I'm also not terribly interested in it.

I've played Destiny since the Beta was available for XBox 360 -- but I have recently changed factions and joined the PlayStation 3 community due to an unfortunate loss of my other console during a move. Regardless, I've accomplished getting my Hunter up to Level 40 with 290 light before looking for a clan, because why join a clan for the purpose of joining raids when I wasn't even raid ready?

So here's my "Resume" more or less. On the 360, I lead a clan named AkI Forged in Darkness- We ran at roughly 40 members at our peak time, and then I had to move. At this point, the clan and I are no longer able to game together because most of them don't have a PS3.

In our time, we accomplished finishing the Vault of Glass raid within a week or two, Crota within a week or two, and King's Fall took some more time. We did, however, get through all of King's Fall together, and I will link my XBox character page at the end of this post.

Aside from that, we did have some time during the House of Wolves Expansion where we focused more heavily (As did most of us all) on PvP. So I've had some time, but not a lot, in the Crucible. So stick me where you wish to, just as long as I'm apart of a raid team of some sort.

Ultimately, I'm experienced with this game and fairly highly skilled in most areas. I'll also gladly be your Sherpa if you need newer players run through the raids. Just remember, I am looking for an adult/mature community and I will leave and re-post this if I don't feel that your clan is mature enough for my liking. I'll tolerate a "Squeaker" or two, but would rather not have to ;)

Regards to the gaming world,

Edit: I forgot my account link, but it didn't load for me :(
Edit : I forgot to link the AkI Forged in Darkness page.
Edit : I forgot to mention, I'm 20. I'll be 21 in March, and my Fiancee occasionally plays on my account, but on her currently level 2 Warlock.

AkI Forged in Darkness
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