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P3pp3r Pi3
P3pp3r Pi3

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Aye my gamer tag is P3pp3r Pi3 (most people mistake it for Peppa Pig) and I enjoy playing destiny on a regular basis, from Trials, Raids and PvP/PvE I always find something to enjoy while in continuous suspense until new content for Destiny is released. My main character is a 318 Titan, next a 315 Warlock and then a Hunter which I have been a bit lazy leveling up and obtaining better gear since the House of Wolves. When I want to be, I'm very good at PvP generally favoring The Last Word or The No Land Beyond as an exotic primary. The reason behind the last word being my favourite as It was my first exotic ever, back around Feb last year when I finished a Normal Atheon run for the first time. I used it for everything, PvE and PvP from which I grew a string bond towards the weapon.
All in all, I'm looking for a new, friendly and active clan that I can possibly become apart of and hopefully meet some new people that enjoy the playing the game like I do.
I'm also based in Australia, I like rap and laughing at stupid jokes and banter, eating chicken and petting my evil black cat.
Want to know more? Message me on Xbox Live or reply in the comments
Please If you're interested in recruiting, I'll have a gander at your clan (requirements, rules, and general atmosphere) and we'll go from there!
Thanks for your time

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I am XGNTWINBOOSTED. I am a clan member of Xiled Gaming Network's ION Division Single Helix (SH) Squadron. I am extending an invitation to you to join our squad. If you choose to join you will become a new recruit of the ION's SH Squad. We have four pillars that represent what XGN stands for which are; 1. Community - Xiled Gaming Network has become the largest global gaming organization. Offering a unique family oriented community. 2. Knowledge - The online world can be a scary place. XGN allows gamers to take part in our ranking structure which teaches players dedication, problem solving skills and online safety.3. Improvement - Most teams discourage less skilled players. XGN allows all gamers to join, meet friends and enjoy the fun while assisting players to improve at the game. 4. Positivity - With so much negativity in gaming, XGN creates a safe gaming environment for everyone to take part in. We’re often considered the last heartbeat keeping positive gaming communities alive. This is an XBox One clan. For more details send me a message on XBox Live at GT: XGNTWINBOOSTED. I hope that you will join us and be apart of the largest active multi-platform gaming community around.
DoD DeathDealers
DoD DeathDealers

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DoD DeathDealers is currently recruiting new members!

DoD DeathDealers is an active Dads of Destiny clan on Xbox One. DeathDealers is a PvP focused clan, but we do everything from casual raids to white knuckle PvP. We understand real life is priority one, while still making plenty of time to game. Check us out at and join one of the largest groups in Destiny.