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Are you looking for a clan that needs to understand that you have responsibilities that you need to take care of? Do you get kicked from LFG groups because your child needs your attention? We are a clan of Dads, Brothers, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Civilians that all game together. We have jobs in the real world, wives, kids, and things that we need to take care of. But we all love to game. It may take a few days to join, follow the link and apply for the clan. We like to get to know our members more. Happy Hunting Guardians.

Our first clan is full, this is for our 2nd clan that we have started. We do accept non-dads. Just understand that life happens and in the middle of a raid, we might have to step away. We do have our own clan for our kids.!

Please click on the link above and apply to the clan to start the process of joining us.!! If you are on the PS4 side and want to look for a DOD clan, go here