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Please help-
I am stuck at 296-298 for 6 weeks now trying to get chest keys to open locked chests for last 10 calcified frags to get 310 light scout rifle from Eris.
I grind,grind and grind in Hull breach for hours,no wormfeeder/singer runes dropped or keys.
I've killed over 280 hive foes without dying- even starting out with killing only knight and wizard kills ,62 of them, no runes /keys dropped.
I have open slots (6 of them) in my consumables.
I get blue engram after blue engram, about one legendary drop for every twenty or so blues, I get silken codex,resupply codes , house banners,black wax idols, either seeds, to drop but no keys or runes I need.
I do get reciprocal runes ,and other runes to drop ocassionally-and one time, I did get a skyburner beacon to drop off of a cabal foe.

Any ideas?
I read your supposed to get key drops after 50 hive kills, and runes are to drop randomly off of wizards and knights.
Ill bet over the last six weeks Ive killed over 2500 foes in hull breach ( 60% hive,40% cabal) with no drops of wormfeeder/singer runes or keys
Ive tried asking on, site wont let me post there, even though my xbox live account is linked and my email is verified.
Ive asked Bungie vie email direct 3 times ,they send me automated reply to check/post on there site ( To funny- guess you can see how important customer service is there).
Any help ,greatly appreciated, getting more than a little frustrated here.
BK (Thehoker1)
Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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Thehoker said:

The game is based on a RNG (Random Number Generator) so it's luck if you get it or not. Just keep playing, you'll get whatever it is you're after soon enough.

Note: Bungie's customer service are the forums because you can get all in game help there and here. If they had an email address for you to send game questions to, it would be flooded with crap.