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q is for cutie
q is for cutie

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F4mous Clan is now recruiting! We are only on XBox 1, and we play together every day. From everything like nightfalls to Trials, we'll have your back. We are mainly a PvP clan, but do PvE from time to time. There are some requirements to join, though.
Must have been flawless year 2.
Must have a KD of 1.0 or higher
Must be chill.
Make sure to play with the clan.
Must have a mic
If you do not have a KD of 1.0 or higher on 1 character, then just pm me and we'll 1 v 1. If you get a 1.0 KD or higher, then you're in. You can try every other day. Otherwise, you'll be able to join automatically.
You can email at us [email protected] or just reply to the topic or PM me via Thanks for your time.

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So I've never really thought about joining a hardcore clan or whatever. But I am at a point where I would like to get better competitively and so I'm looking for a group to train with and develop that communication and coordination, chemistry, etc. What is driving me is that I don't feel like I've been to the lighthouse enough to consider myself good, at least not considering how much I play. I'd like a team to practice with and help me to make better decisions and approaches, disengaging, as well hard pushes. I've never posted on destiny tracker before so I'm not sure how answer a reply. You can msg me at GT: biuckahky