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You know what would be super duper cool? A scatter plot, with the X-axis (independent variable) being the difference between the average Elo of the Alpha & Bravo team, and the Y-axis (dependent variable) being the win % of the Alpha team.

It would be a way to look at the predictive power of the team average Elo.

I would love to see this just for the recent Iron Banner event. (But it would be interesting for other game types as well.)

If you were willing to share the data, I'd be happy to process & plot it and share it back with you. The raw source data is really simple: 3 columns: Alpha Elo, Bravo Elo, and which team won. One row per Iron Banner match. It might add more interest to include a 4th column, which is the datetimestamp of the match.

You'd think that when the Elo spread is zero, then the win rate for Alpha would be 50%, and it would go up/down as the Elo spread went up/down. But how much? What are the odds of winning if the Elo spread is 100? 200?

Another analysis that would be interesting would be scoring vs Elo.

What do y'all think?
Hey Im Swat
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I agree, that is a great idea.Though *I think* Bungie's API counts Iron banner as Clash games so it might not be possible for Iron Banner. I'll tag our site admin, @xorth so he see's this.

Thanks for the suggestion, we love them! :)