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Are you tired of playing solo, or having to frequent forums to find a fireteam made up of strangers? Are you looking for a group of friends that you can work and grow with to become the best guardians around? If you answered yes, then Winds of Prism is the clan for you. We are a clan that first focuses on the ties between its members and then the game. We want to grow as a whole rather than individually.

We are primarily an 18+ clan that respects everyone. We do NOT show prejudice towards sexual orientation/preference, religion, politics, race, and/or life style. Respect is of the upmost importance and disrespect is not tolerated within our group or towards fellow members. We are always in contact with one another and are constantly planning activities to do with one another. Please, if you're interested visit our clan site and join. Everyone is welcome and we looking forward to making new friends.