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I am a mature mid aged adult looking for a group of friends to raid with. I have tried the lfg to pug raids and it never works out. I really want to learn the mechanics and have fun so please teach me the ropes! I am pretty open almost all evenings after work I just ask that we communicate ahead when doing raids because I know they take a time commitment.

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Are you fed up of looking for groups for raids?do you want to actually win in iron banner?xAllegiancex has got you on.

I started playing destiny in year 1 and soon got bored due to never having groups for raids.i joined this clan in year 2 and I haven't stopped raiding since.our calendar is full every week with new raids old raids crucible and everything else destiny.we have Trials and iron banner players who are some of the best iv played with and they always give good advice.

Just going to keep it simple,if you spend hours looking for groups with out any luck or always fail to get completions due to bad communication and not knowing who your raiding with then join xAllegiancex. It fulfils all your destiny needs. we are on PS4 and have people from all over the world so there will always be someone online to run content with.

Use this link and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page then fill in application form.there is a link on the page for that aswell.
mention that you were recruited by mattywhg and I look forward to seeing you in destiny.

Peace out guardians.

Any questions please message me and I'll be glad to help

Mattywhg xAx England

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I am XGNTWINBOOSTED. I am a clan member of Xiled Gaming Network's ION Division Single Helix (SH) Squadron. I am extending an invitation to you to join our squad. If you choose to join you will become a new recruit of the ION's SH Squad. We have four pillars that represent what XGN stands for which are; 1. Community - Xiled Gaming Network has become the largest global gaming organization. Offering a unique family oriented community. 2. Knowledge - The online world can be a scary place. XGN allows gamers to take part in our ranking structure which teaches players dedication, problem solving skills and online safety.3. Improvement - Most teams discourage less skilled players. XGN allows all gamers to join, meet friends and enjoy the fun while assisting players to improve at the game. 4. Positivity - With so much negativity in gaming, XGN creates a safe gaming environment for everyone to take part in. We’re often considered the last heartbeat keeping positive gaming communities alive. This is an XBox One clan. For more details send me a message on XBox Live at GT: XGNTWINBOOSTED. I hope that you will join us and be apart of the largest active multi-platform gaming community around.
The Hashsquatch
The Hashsquatch

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Yo dude, I got an offer for ya;
Ladies and Gentleman, guardins all alike and around, my name is HashSquatch or Shaggy to some. My two great friends are Razor and Wolf. Together the three of us, are forming a raid team for the Xbox One. We are looking for three guardians, who have NO EXPERIENCE in raiding/raids at all. If you have experience, this post does not apply to you.
Three capable guardians, with no experience. We are willing to train and we will. A plan is already set for that.
Our dream, to form a raid team, to take hold of the raids by it's balls, and make it ours, to make each and every person, a true, bonefied, learning, teaching, boss killing, raider.
The three men forming said raid team, are all Veteran Raiders, two who have earned their Flawless Raider achievement with a Hard Crota.
So if you think you have what it takes, contact me either via reply to this post, a message to moi, or a message to my Xbox One gamertag, The Hashsquatch.
If you have taken the time to read this, thus far, I appreciate it.
Always remember, those who raid together, stay together.