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I have been there... LFG and threads like the ones around this post... it wears you down and takes the fun out of the game...

Now here is your chance to put it back! Remember when you wanted to jump on and chat and play with people that were chill and just loved shooting stuff? Lets bring it all back to you right now!

I am an admin for the below clan and after having joined in with this group of people I have never looked back. So check out the below and be sure to let me know if you have any questions. Cheers and see you on the battle field Guardian!

xAlleginancex clan is currently recruiting players on PS4 for all our European, North American and Asia Pacific divisions and are looking for members who can be team players, mature and friendly.

We are a very organised clan with over 500 members. We are so active and coordinated that we average over 150 raids a month across all timezones (hard/normal VOG/Crota raids, training raids for those new to raiding or to practice the sword on Crota or relic on VOG, crucible events, Iron Banner events, speedrun raids, etc).

Everybody is welcome! Casual players looking to get the most out of your limited free time, hardcore player looking for other experienced players. From those less experienced that need help to those more experienced that like to help others... all in a fun, positive atmosphere.

So grab your controller and go to your browser or App and check us out on our Twitch channel:

To join visit and just follow the instructions on the main page. We have a clan's web page for members that serves as the center of operations, with events calendar, member forum, chat, news, etc.

Any questions let me know! And don't forget to tell them Goober sent you!

- Goobersporsche xAx APAC Division Administrator (quick link to the application page)