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Wicked End
Wicked End

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Hi there! I'm Wicked End89, the founder of APEX Gaming on XB1. We are a gaming clan dedicated to providing the best of casual gaming for all those who join us on our mission to make a name together in the gaming world. Here at APEX we look to offer a fun and organized gaming community. Like many clans nowadays, we operate on our own private forums, as opposed to just using our group forums, so as to offer our members a place to go to be informed of all clan activities, have access to other game divisions (current & future), have a chance to be elevated in position, and have a general place to relax in private when not playing.

I'm looking for casual players that can work together in completing objectives from simple story missions to hard raids. As the old adage goes; a single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. As long as we stick together we cannot be beaten. The longer we play together, the stronger we become as not only individual units but as a clan as a whole, uniting us under the common cause of being the best we can be.

Now, some things you need to know about us...
- We are an age 17+ community.
- We require an application for acceptance into the clan.
- We operate on our own private website: APEX GAMING in which all members will be required to join & apply (as soon as possible).
- open to hardcore & casual players (although we attract far more casuals)
-Bungie forum:
- We are currently hiring members of staff, for those interested in immediate clan advancement.

HOW TO JOIN APEX GAMING's private forum
- Visit website:
- Create forum account (set Division as Destiny, sub-divisions optional based on availability).
- Create an introduction topic (for account validation & anti-spam purposes).
- Post an application in our New Applicants forum.
- Wait for acceptance. (done rather quickly, as we give everyone a shot)
- Start posting around the forums, getting to know your fellow division members (and adding them), finding people to play with, and start playing!
- Once you complete your trial period, you will be promoted to member.

If you are interested in helping to get this clan off the ground and do great things with it, your fellow players, and myself, I encourage you to join up and make your mark in the XB1 community, especially here on Destiny. The enemies of the light are out there guardian, will you join us and face the dark?