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cubistic Legacy
cubistic Legacy

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heyy guys are the medals on this site busted? it says i have no "cry havoc" or "hammer and tongs" or "scorched earth" medals...but i have recorded videos of me getting them. and not that i recently got them, some of these videos go way back. i did delete my titan and created a new one, but that doesnt explain my "scorched earth" medals because i have been using my warlock since i got the game and have never deleted him. am i the only one with this issue or are there other players experiencing it as well
Hi Im Swat
Hi Im Swat

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Hi, @cubistic Legacy

There's two possibilities for those medals not showing up

Reason 1:
*If you earned any of those medals on the Titan you said you deleted, those would of been lost. Whenever you delete a character, all stats associated with that character are deleted. This is how Bungie handles deleted characters, not us.

Reason 2:
*There might be a small chance an error occurred in Bungie's game collection which prevented that game from being recorded. If this is the case, there won't be any record of you earning those medals.