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Mission Statement: The endless crusade to conquer foes in the realm of destiny can be brutal and unforgiving. But the journey needn’t be taken alone. The Crusaders of Azazil are fitted with some of the finest warriors of light who openly welcome both battle hardened beta/ year 1 guardians and the recently awoken guardians. We endure our crusade against the darkness weekly by thwarting the Takens advances by assaulting the dreadnaughts hall of souls and challenging Oryxs champions in “The Court of Oryx”. Special purpose task teams are assigned to infiltrate the depths of the Dreadnaught to assassinate the Exalted Hive (Warpreist, Golgroth, Deathsingers) within its depths and to fell The Taken King. But our journey doesn’t end there guardian. The crusaders are still waging a war of attrition against the hordes of Atheon in the elaborate “Vault of Glass” and the hive minions who seek vengeance on behalf of “The Monster of Luna” (Crota). For those who seek only glory and fame within the arenas of combat…seek no more. Every time the Iron Banner drops, the clan will be there to wreak havoc and to collect the tears of our adversaries. Through only raw skill and teamwork…will you reach the lighthouse in the Trials of Osiris.

***All content listed below is run weekly/ as needed***
- Vault of Glass (Hard)
- Crotas End (Hard)
- Kings Fall (Normal/ Hard)
Prison of Elders:
- Challenge of Elders (1-2)
- Prison of Elders (lvls28-34)
- Heroic playlist/ Nightfalls
- Court of Oryx (3-6 man fire teams)
- Exploration (Bungie is notorious for their Easter eggs…the hunt…never ends)
- Daily Missions (primarily exotic questlines/ hidden exotics)

*** Groups will dictate the mood ***
Iron Banner: Casual-highly competitive (Mic is highly preferred for members interested in joining competitive teams)
Crucible: All Game types…any day…any time.
Trials of Osiris: Casual-highly competitive (Mic is mandatory for members interested in joining a competitive team and the competitive teams are NOT for the faint of heart.)

***Clan Events are held monthly/ via popular demand. Rewards are given for 1st place teams ***
Destiny Dash’s:
- Raid Races (Announced on clan website and are held on the first of every month)
- Strike Sprints (based on popular demand/ request)
Arena of Old: 3v3 and 6v6 PvP Team tournaments (also known as “sweats”). Cash rewards/ sterling silver will be available for the top team and potentially for the 2nd and 3rd placed teams if we have an adequate amount of participants
Sparrow Racing: Coming soon (we will be mirroring the SRL rules/ guidelines). Cash rewards/ sterling silver will be given to the top 3 racers.
***Misc. Rewards***
Comradery is important for our clan…and so the Crusaders of Azazil have recently decided to implement a clan specific point system called “Merits”. Merits can be earned by clan members by placing in the top 3 of one of the Crusaders of Azazil clan events or by placing top 3 in the challenge of Elders leaderboards. Merits are tallied up at the end of each month and the person(s) with the highest total number of merits will receive a destiny themed novelty item (or sterling silver if one chooses to).
For further info, head over to the clan/ group page at ( ) or head over to our official website