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Jim Beer Lang

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Have you ever found yourself at a loose end looking for players to help you access the good loot from Cooperative play like Nightfall, Trials, Challenge of the Elderly?.. etc... But your usual Fireteam's just gone offline due to Real Life responsibilities or intestinal distress?

Well, look no further. Mercenary Alchemists inc are all about the loot... Join today for your very own free imaginary erotic engram. (Yes, it's IS even better than an exotic engram, honest...)

We don't expect anyone to make any kind of commitment here. Use our services when it suits you and don't when it doesn't. No fuss, no drama.
Also, for a limited time only you too can learn how to camp like Ann Frank in Iron Banner or Crucible!.. (subject to terms and conditions)

Mercenary Alchemists inc... We're not sweaty we're just practically always on Destiny... the sweat is irrelevant, as are the smells.