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l Archons l is a newly formed Top Tier, hardcore and competitive clan based on PS4. Our goals are set very high i.e., We are striving to break records, do world firsts, etc and grind through new content as soon as it is released.
We are currently looking to recruit around 12-18 strong members. We are only looking to recruit the best.

What we offer:

-We provide a friendly, tight knit community where every member is valued.
-Passionate, dedicated and active clanmates.
-Quick, solid runs through current raids and Trials.
-An opportunity to be one of the few players to beat new content.
-A clan website.
-Weekly updates including both internal and external clan news.
-A group chat in which events are organised and some friendly chat takes place.

What we are looking for:

-Competitive, dedicated, polite and friendly and active player who is willing to play Destiny for years to come.
- 3 characters ideally at high light levels. 3 different classes are preferred but not necessary.
-High grimoire preferred but again, not necessary.
-Highly active during resets, expansions and other events.
-Extensive experience and skill in all the raids and PvE activities.
- While our clan is heavily PvE focused, We require the players to maintain a high level of PvP skill and experience too.
-The skill and intelligence to deal with high pressure situations efficiently.
-EU timezone or timings which match ours.
-Staying updated on the latest Destiny news and updates.
-Moments Of Triumph completed
-Have a desire and commitment to compete for The World´s First Kill.
-No rage quitters, salty or that sort of people. Patience is one major quality that we seek in you.

At the peek of an expansion, We take progression seriously and grind any/all activities that are available to us.
If you're interested, Message me. Lycorian2411

Please include your Destiny Experience, Gaming History, Achievements, Raiding History(Not Only in Destiny, but in other games too), The genre you prefer and specialize in, and availability. Also, tell us something about yourself, in general.