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Attention guardians!

Do you find yourself frustrated when you want to raid the Dreadnaught and can't seem to find a capable team up to the challenge? Are you constantly being cornered in the crucible, with no teammates to back you up?

Our original four felt the same as you do and they came together to form...
Team Valor!

We are a small group of guardians who assassinate Oryx every week, and steal all of his stuff, and we are looking for able bodied recruits to join our ranks!

Requirements to join:
-Playstation 4
-No kinderguardians here, please, we ask that our members be of adult age.
-For now, we are looking for experienced guardians to join Team Valor.
-We ask that our teammates act as such. Immaturity and rage quitters aren't welcome.
-We ask that you download the discord app to best communicate with other members.
-Most importantly though, we ask that you enjoy this game and just have fun.

Click here to join TEAM VALOR