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i'm french native guardian,i speak english with an accent, i play everyday 16:00+ gmt only pvp, i do some pve stuff but only for infusion material or to get good weapons like grasp of malok or the nightfall for 1000 yard stare with good rolls.

i'm looking for a clan to do trials preferably 1600+ so i don't have to spend hours on lfg only to find assholes.

my elo right now is 1600 but if i measure myself i'm 1800+ because i never cared about losing and i never deleted a character to reset my k/d, i never cared about stats much because i help those who seek my aid even if they're not good in trials, whether it be they want shaders, 7 wins for a doctrine, helmet or for scarab heart , sometimes we do challenges like queenbreakers bow, no land beyond, sidearm only challenges just for fun.

i'm addicted to destiny but my friends are not, because they moved to dark souls, devision, overwatch, that's why i'm looking for a good pvp clan.
i know that i talked too much about myself but that's just to give an idea about what i want.

if your clan is a stat whores and care only about elo and k/d you will do me the greatest pleasure in ignoring this post and moving on, if you like to win and have fun playing trials than please tell me the clan name and i will gladly join and i hope of you to introduce me, i only ask that your clan have members with 1600+ elo with chill mature mentality and laugh it off when they lose, not rage and break their controller in half because i'm sick and tired of crossing these kind of guys on lfg.

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Looking to recruit chill and good people into our small clan needs to be a person that is not a troll and can act in a professional manner meaning no T-Bagging people in games or cussing at people during games no abusive language and things of that nature if your interested message me PitVapor or ZzDARTHVAPORzZ he is the president of the clan! The clan is named Lost Sou1s

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I'm always looking for new players to play with.I'm not in any kind of clan atm but I got some chill friends who enjoy playing the game as much as I do.Add me,I'll be online tomorrow (at least I should be)