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Hello Fellow Guardians,

Intro -

I would like to make this post as informative as possible, joining a clan in a game that I absolutely love isn't something small in my view. I believe this step to be extremely important and I would like to join a clan that takes the recruitment process as serious as I do. Don't get me wrong I am a laid back guy, who loves to have fun and enjoy life, Just know what it takes to make a great clan and a great clan is what i am looking to be apart of. I am 32 years young and love every second that I play Destiny. I have been in one steady clan prior to this post and one trial clan that did now work out. My first clan just went dead couldn't find enough people to play. The trial clan was based in the UK and coordinating times to play was near impossible.

What I am looking for -

First and foremost is the people. I have a tendency to get along with just about anyone, everywhere I go and whatever game I play. Would love for the clan to have a family first atmosphere, laid back, with good personalities. Secondly, I need to clan to be active. I am a new streamer and need a crew that likes to run regularly. I mean no offense but if you are a new clan and read this and send me an invite I will not be able to join, just not what I am looking for with what I am trying to do. Ok, back on subject, I am a daily player PVP and PVE so having people to run with on the regular is very important. Lastly, I would love to be in a clan that is adult based and organized that is serious about the game while having a shit ton of fun! Because, that's is what it is all about.

About me -

My name is Robert, my psn in existenceghost, you can call me ghost, bob, bobby or whatever creative name you prefer I am not picky. I live in Michigan EST (why I am looking for a US based clan). I absolutely love gaming and that will never change. I just took it to the next lvl becoming a streamer. I just had a comp built for that purpose alone. My stream is extremely well put together and professional. sub, donation, FB and twitter buttons, overlays, pop up notifications the works. I plan on making it a full-time gig and would love nothing more than to create a fun community and bring people in the clan right along with me. I am always available to help others, and willing to teach everything I know and love to learn more. I do not have a Destiny god complex. lol.

My Experience -

I am sure there is very little that I do not know about Destiny. As mentioned above I love learning more, but I pride myself on knowing everything that I can about the game. Being the "go to guy" so to speak. I am a leader at heart but have no problem putting in the work needed to get me there in any clan. There isn't a job in the game that I cannot handle with ease and have every tool needed for every situation. I have all 3 toons: Warlock, Hunter, and Titan at 335 and multiple guns and gear for every situation at 335. I love both PVP and PVE equally and like to believe I am above average at both. I have been to the lighthouse a handful of times and would go more if it weren't for the lack of PVP players on my friends list. When I first started PVP in year one, like most I wasn't that great. Hence my 1.2 KD now, on the Destiny ELO website for the past few months Im above a 2.0 and have videos on my stream that show that I am above a 2.0 KD. player. Never the less I will wrap this up.

Conclusion -

Thank you for taking the time to read this I know it is long. But as I said I wanted to make it as informative as possible because I know what I want and it is only fair to you that you know what you are getting. I am very serious about joining the right clan, so please if you could send a personal response a generic copy and paste response trying to get as many members as possible is not what I am looking for at all. Thank you again for your time I appreciate it 100 percent. Looking forward to talking to you all and joining a clan very soon. Again my PSN is ExistenceGhost.