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Team Valor is a PS4 clan that really tries to develop and maintain a team atmosphere. We are an experienced group and are looking to recruit more talent to the team.

Why you should join Team Valor:
-You are frustrated with LFG
-You want that opportunity to always have someone to play with
-You want to be a part of a team
-You don't want to be a part of a large clan.
-You enjoy Destiny and the community that's built itself around it

What we are looking for:
-Players who really enjoy Destiny
-Guardians who have experience in defeating Oryx
-Crucible champions who frequent the Lighthouse, or who are up for working hard to get there
-Guardians over the age of 18
-Mature players that don't take this game too seriously. There is a time for goofing around and a time to be serious.
-Players who want to be a part of the Destiny Community

We are in an early stage and are looking for a solid core group of players to kickstart Team Valor into something special.

Click Here to join Team Valor

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