Destiny 2 Tracker Network

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Requirements: Must be 18 years or older & Must have a working mic (most importantly join our FB clan group).

We don’t care about K/D & W/L we just want to have fun and get things done. This is a brother/sister hood, a fraternity of sorts. We like to joke around, laugh, drink, smoke etc and all with the company of other s1ck members. We understand loyalty and s1ckmad3 is always top priority when they need help in game. We do everything on what the game has to offer, whether its PVP or PVE. Whether you play casually or competitively join up ! Most of us are year one players and this clan has been active for 3 years. We are also recruiting for: SMITE, ESO (DC & EP only), GTA5 & The Division. Is your clan going downhill ? join us and bring the others with you. Questions ? shoot me a message

FB Group: Join Here