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For whatever reason, the daily K/D tracker doesn't take into account all of the games I played. For example, yesterday night from around 8 to 9 Eastern time, I played 3 games as my Warlock. But the tracker only showed the daily K/D reflecting 2 of them. Then I played on my Hunter. and it reflected the K/D for the daily tracker for today instead of yesterday. So now the Warlock has a missing game, and the Hunter's daily K/D is reflected on 5/27 instead of 5/26.

Where did the Warlock's missing game go? It's not reflected on 5/27 nor 5/26.
And when does the Tracker change days? It's obviously not Eastern time since playing a game around 9pm reflects on the next day's daily tracker. Does it have a "down time" when switching days? Is that why my Warlock's final game just seemingly disappeared?