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I recently obtained the IB vendor Colovance's Duty with Hidden Hand and TrueSight IS. To my knowledge both the perk and the sights improve the weapon's aim assist.

Looking at the weapon stats in the DestinyTracker DB here (, I can see that the aim assist is given as 26/31.

I assume that 26 / 31 mean min and max values for aim assist but I am not sure how destinytracker arrived at those numbers and how to interpret them.

Does this mean that 31 is the max value, no matter what, and it cannot go higher? Because in that case TrueSight IS already gives +5 aim assist (26 + 5), which would mean Hidden Hand would be useless, if it didn't stack on top. The other way round, if Hidden Hand and TrueSight IS both stack, then the max aim assist would/should apparently be higher than 31, no?

It would be nice if anyone can shed some light on how the numbers are obtained and how they can be interpreted, especially in regards to the aforementioned roll of the Colovance's Duty.

Hi Im Swat
Hi Im Swat

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Hi, @taxon

All the stats and information on armor/weapons/etc are all taken straight from Bungie's databse. I believe the numbers you are quoting would indeed be the min and max of the weapon itself and not including any extras to boost or improve the effects of the weapon.

Any other information you would like, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you. :-)