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Hello everyone, I am an avid pvp player in destiny and would like to find other try hards to play together.

The clan requirements are as follows:
- 1.4+ overall Kill/Death Ratio
- Mic is not required (but recommended)
- Mature players

Send me a message via here (the forum) or to my gamertag - mc2
hope to find others who want to wreck the crucible.
Captain Zoop
Captain Zoop

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are you on 360? if so add me Captain Z00P

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Hey I'm a good player I've pulled off unbroken and we ran out of medals in trials I'm almost always on the top of the leader boards and was looking for a clan to do pvp with, my kd is positive but still low because I don't reset my characters to build up kd. I'm only 13 but I'm mature and have a deep voice so if you could hit me up on psn I'm zella500 and I would love to join your clan